Creating A Scaleable Traffic Plan

Traffic generation is the key to building your email list, and MUST be used in any team build. However most people do not build traffic very effecively.

Building a scaleable traffic plan requires following a clear strategy where you begin with a single traffic site and focus on using it until automation is achieved. Only then should you add another traffic site.

You MUST use traffic sites that pay you to use them to maximise this strategy. The best sites to start with in my opinion are:

Infinity Traffic Boost

Hungry For Hits

Infinity Mailer Boost

I suggest you choose ONE of these sites as your foundation site. Focus not on the traffic results initially, but the funds it provides. The funds are used to automate your system. AUTOMATION will provide as much traffic as you need to get results. Most results will come AFTER automation and not before.

Your initial task is to upgrade. Either use the free method of earning from using the site, or if happy to do so, you can fund this yourself.

Your next task is to get paid referrals. I will create rotators for these 3 traffic sites to help with that, but I also suggest you share the information from this post with your email subscribers. If you have joined my team on GDI do feel free to copy and paste this blog post.

Then…… after you have a fully funded and automated site, you add another one. You then focus on this site until full automation is achieved.

Slowly but surely this system will increase your traffic levels. Most importantly it will never stop growing your traffic.

Your aim is to keep moving up the number of daily hits you get to your lead capture page. Focus on the task of increasing your daily hits. If you do not use automation, you will hit a plateau, your results will reduce and you will have to start again.

This system will become self funding and will allow you to upgrade on as many traffic sites as you wish = unlimited, automated traffic.


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  1. My warm Thank You Ellie Murphy.
    I am a newbie and do not know a lot about social media work.
    You are great Ellie do such great thing and I Love It!

    1. I am glad you are enjoying the training!

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