What is A Lead Capture Page And How To Use It

A lead capture page is a special kind of online advert. It has a headline to attract attention, just like a newspaper article headline. However instead of an article that provides the information on that topic, it has a form where the reader has to enter their contact details before they can read the information.

A lead capture page literally captures the attention of someone, then captures their contact details.

Here is an example lead capture page that I have used to build my own email list:

This specific lead capture page is designed to attract the attention of people who are interested in using free and easy earning methods. It is also aimed at beginners, or those who have not yet earned $100 online.

To use a lead capture page like this one you need to have an account that allows you to create or copy a page like this, and store the contact details that people enter into the form.

The account that I recommend you use for this is called Leadsleap. You can join and use this account for free.

Click Here To Join Leadsleap

You will soon be able to have your Leadsleap link added to this post. More details coming soon…..


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    I am newbie for Team Builder Machine.

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    Wendy Ashe

    Thank you. The training is invaluable.

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