Lead Generation For Team Building

One of the most important things you will ever learn online is how to create a steady flow of leads for your business. Even though the majority of people struggle with this task, it is not difficult to do.

You need just 2 things:

A lead capture page (and storage for details)

A traffic site

What Is A Lead?

Before we look at the process for lead generation, lets just take a moment to consider what a lead is, and what it is not.

A lead is a person who has put their hand up to say “I want to know more”. That person is NOT READY to become a team member or customer yet, they are just a potential team member or customer.

Lead generation then is the collection of the contact details for those people.

Why is Lead Generation So Important?

The majority of people take time over the decision to join a team (or make a purchase). Lead generation allows you the time for this decision to be made. Without lead generation you have no-one actually considering your offer, and it becomes a lot harder to close the deal.

How To Generate Leads

To generate leads online, you need to use a Lead Capture Page. One of my best performing lead capture pages is this one: https://llpgpro.com/earn3905fromzero/

I have added over 500 leads to my email list in the past 2 weeks from using this page. Now I am going to teach you how to use it as well.

To use this page you need to have an account with Leadsleap. You can join Leadsleap for free using this link:

Click Here To Join Leadsleap

You can import a copy of my lead capture page into your Leadsleap account using the code: page-aGNXhZZwZZ

If you don’t know how to do that yet you will find the guidance here: http://affiliateblogging.ws/2023/09/17/how-to-import-a-lead-capture-page-into-leadsleap/

This page will help you to generate a steady flow of leads who will be invited to join our team using YOUR referral links for EACH team build. You do not have to try and promote each team build or site seperately. This single page works for everything.

Before you start promoting the page, you need to create an email list where the contact details of your leads will be stored. You also need to connect the page to the list.

Click Here For Instructions on Creating An Email List

Click Here For Instructions on How To Connect the Page and List Together.

When you have completed this set up, there is 1 final step to take before you start promoting the page. You need to create a welcome email that will automatically be sent out to your leads.

Creating A Welcome Email


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