Earning Cash and Traffic From FaucetWave

Today I would like to tell you all about a fantastic little site called FaucetWave. This site has a lot to offer for anyone who works online, but a lot of the benefits are not immediately obvious. I will use this post to explain all the different features of this site.

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The first thing I want to highlight is the fact this is a free to join account that works worldwide, so it is available to everyone. It also has 2 very distinct roles. You can use it for earning cash, for promoting another opportunity, or of course for both.

Using the advertising to promote another opportunity can of course help you earn cash too…… but I will discuss that separately.

Earning Cash With FaucetWave

There are several ways to earn cash with FaucetWave, and there is a low $2 withdrawal level. Let me explain each of the options that are available for you to earn cash with this account:

Completing Ad Clicks

FaucetWave provides a simple system of earning from completing ad clicks. You will find this section by clicking on the EARN MONEY tab and choosing VIEW ADVERTISEMENTS in the drop down menu:

FaucetWave is a busy site, so there are usually quite a few ads available to click on. The majority of people can earn between $0.05 – $0.10 per day just from the ad click section.

As you can see from the screenshot below there are different value ads – some pay $0.02 per click, some pay $0.01 per click, and others pay $0.005.

To complete the ad clicks on FaucetWave you need to click first of all on an ad that unlocks the paid ads. This ad is highlighted at the top of the page and clicking on it will open a new page. You will see a timer first of all and you must allow this to finish, then click on the upside down image that appears to verify your ad click and get paid.

Claiming From The Faucet

FaucetWave provides an hourly faucet that can be used to increase daily income quickly and easily. To access this section, click on EARN MONEY then choose HOURLY FAUCET from the drop down menu.

You will earn $0.005 for each claim you make, so that alone can get you paid within a couple of weeks if you claim it every hour.

Ad Grid Wins

Another easy way to earn a little extra on FaucetWave is available on the Ad Grid section of the site.

Note that this option provides members with the CHANCE to win funds for clicking on ads on the grid. You can win up to $1 per ad click completed….. however you also may not win anything.

As you can see below I have won just over $3 from completing ad grid clicks. I complete some ad grid clicks on a daily basis which also allows me to receive a daily bonus payment.

The Daily Bonus

There is a daily bonus available on FaucetWave, that pays an additional $0.05 per day when you complete specific tasks.

To get this bonus payment there are 4 tasks included:

15 PTC Ad Clicks

35 Points

10 Clicks on the Ad Grid

15 Pages Surfed on the Traffic Exchange

I usually complete a bit more than is required to receive the daily bonus:

Paid To Sign Up Offers

There is another section of FaucetWave where you can earn a bit more cash quite quickly and easily too. The paid to sign up offers are provided by other members, so the number of them can vary.

At the moment there are 6 offers available = $0.60.

You do have to make sure to follow the instructions provided so the funds will be approved, but this section can really help you get paid quickly if you use it properly.

Upgraded Member Levels

There are 4 different membership levels on FaucetWave: Standard, Gold, Platinum and VIP. Although there is a cost for upgrading, you also get paid more when you have an upgraded account.

For example, with a standard account you will earn 20% of the ad click value = $0.002 for a $0.01 ad, but VIP members earn %50 = $0.05 for the same ad. As there are often around 40 or more ads per day available this can make a considerable difference.

40 ads = $0.08 per day as a free member, but $2 per day as a VIP member (if all ads were $0.01 value ones).

If you get referrals you also earn more as an upgraded member. You earn 10% of the ad clicks completed by your referrals as a free member, but 50% as a VIP member.

Again this can make a huge difference in income levels. With 10 referrals all clicking 40 x $0.01 value ads a day you would earn $0.40 per day in comparison with $20 per day as a VIP member.

Another way that upgraded members earn more, is with the multi level downline system. If you get referrals, who also get referrals, you need to be upgraded to earn from more than a single level. VIP members earn on 7 levels of downline which can provide a considerable income. It is perfectly achievable to earn $1000+ per month with FaucetWave because of this 7 level downline system. That makes it very worth working on.

An additional way to earn more with upgraded accounts is provided via the number of direct or rented referrals that you can have. Of course the more referrals you have, the more money you can earn. Free members are limited to having 25 direct referrals, but VIP members can have an unlimited number…. so again that can make a huge difference.

Due to all of these variations, it is definitely worth paying attention to the different membership levels so you can maximise your income levels. You will need to look at the specifics for each account level and consider the parts that are relevant for you so you can make the right choice for you.

You can see the benefits and costs of each member level below:

Completing Surveys and Offers

For those who are able to do so, completing surveys and offers on FaucetWave can provide members with earnings of $0.50 – $5+ per day. Completing surveys is not always easy, and can be quite frustrating due to getting screened out during the qualification process.

If you are lucky enough to qualify for surveys though, they can provide a great way to earn a lot more than ad clicks can provide.

Team Building

Without a doubt, the main way to earn more on FaucetWave comes from team building. The fact that you can earn from 7 levels of downline members means that you can have a very large team to help you with earning without having to gain all the referrals yourself.

As you can see below I have already reached close to 500 downline members, and have earned over $60. I plan to keep building this account with an aim of earning at least $1000.

I would like to help others to build a team with FaucetWave too. There are multiple ways to build a team with this account – I will provide guidance on how to do this in another blog post.

As I explained at the beginning of this blog post, FaucetWave also provides the chance to promote other opportunities as well.

There are quite a few different advertising options that can be used.

I will write another blog post that provides guidance on using each of the advertising features this site has to offer as well.


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    Never knew that so much can be done and earned in faucet wave. Will explore all the possibilities here

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    This is great . My goal is to reach these level with consistency and with your guidance and help Ellie. Thank you.

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    You have actually done a great work here, all these facets on faucetwave can never be seen by a novice, thanks a lot for the research work.

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