Earning Bitcoin on Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Traffic Boost, as its name suggests is a traffic site (and a very good one at that). Using it effectively will help you to get referrals for pretty much any opportunity that you wish to promote. Though you should not promote your referral link for ITB itself on the site as all members have already joined.

In addition to the advertising you get, when you surf for ad credits, you can earn a bonus each day that is added to your account in Bitcoin. You get paid a bonus share for each 10 pages that you surf. The bonus amount varies day by day depending on the value of Bitcoin. It is currently around 12 satoshi per share. If you surf 100 pages a day then you would earn 120 satoshi. Surfing 100 pages a day would pay you around 3600 satoshi per month.

That is just a few dollars……. so why bother doing it?

As with most online programs, the earning multiplies when you get referrals. Not only do you earn more satoshi each day when you have referrals who also surf, but you also open the door to earning 80% commission payments.

This commission option, along with the getting paid to surf feature, means you can surf your way to thousands of dollars (as much as $64,000 with just 4 active referrals).

The value of Bitcoin is literally sky rocketing at the moment and everyone wants a share of it. One of the easiest ways to get a decent amount of Bitcoin is provided by Infinity Traffic Boost….. all while you also promote any business or opportunity that you choose to work on.

In my book, that is a very good win win situation.

If you haven’t joined ITB yet, you can do so here: https://infinitytrafficboost.com/elliesearners

If you have joined already then make sure you are using the account on a daily basis. You can surf your way to a fortune…..

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Writing posts like this one on a blog makes them VERY flexible indeed. In fact with a few small adjustments you can easily use this exact post to help you promote several different sites.

Let me know below if you need any help…..

Ellie xx


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  1. I got a lot of value from this post I think I will take you up on using this for my first GDI Post

  2. Raju Mahtani avatar
    Raju Mahtani

    This is definitely a win win situation

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