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As I explained in my post about the Daily Earning Routine, it is a very good idea for all members of One Team, One Goal to work on getting personal referrals because this pays a lot more, and faster too, than sitting waiting for referrals to be allocated . However this post is not about how to get personal referrals, I have already provided Team Build Training for this.

Today I want to provide guidance on using a team building strategy that everyone should be using. That strategy is BUILD ONE TEAM.

What I mean by this is: you do not need to try and promote 3 (or more) different opportunities at the same time. You should see your referrals as people you should work with to guide forward step by step.

The steps are:

Step 1 = Start earning on Team Build Machine.

Step 2 = Join free sites & submit links to be added to rotators.

Step 3 = Earn $10 and join GDI.

Step 4 = Increase Daily Income to join Got Back Up.

Step 5 = Increase Daily Income to join Great Life.

So, let me just be clear here. If you have 10 people who join you on Team Build Machine, then you should guide them through to joining GDI using your link. The rotators and my emails are there to help pick up people who are not getting guidance from anyone else. This is what allows me to allocate 5 referrals to team members and keeps the team moving forward.

If you get 5 referrals allocated to you for GDI by my system, then those same 5 people should be guided by you to follow you through to Got Back Up and Great Life.

However, your referrals will not follow you through unless you contact them and provide guidance. YOU need to build a relationship with your referrals so they will want to use your links to move forward. You will have the email addresses of your referrals in the back office of GDI.

IMPORTANT: You want to focus on building ONE TEAM and not 3 or 5 or 10 different teams. This is part of the One Team strategy – EVERYONE works on the same sites, EVERYONE follows the same plan, EVERYONE builds a small team of people who start at step 1 and end up at step 5.

Yes we have referral rotators etc to help with team building BUT the most effective thing to do is work with YOUR referrals so they join YOU.

How To Build One Team

Now you understand the system builds from step 1 to step 5 this is what you need to do to build EVERY team on our system:

Focus on getting referrals to join Team Build Machine FIRST. You can use this capture page to do that: (Share code is: page-aGNXhZZwZZ). Or you can use the 100 referrals challenge page, or of course your own page……. Regardless of the page you use, your welcome email should direct your referrals to join Team Build Machine and explain they will earn $10 per month there to pay for our first team build program.

Just to be extra clear here, you can have 1 page, 5 pages, 10 pages or even 100 pages all running to build the same list. I have over 300 pages working to build my list daily. These are not individual campaigns they are all linked together….. I can teach you more about that later!

After your referrals join Team Build Machine, guide them on earning from doing the ad clicks AND to join GDI with your link when they have the funds ready to pay.

AFTER you get referrals on GDI, then you should focus on the next step for them = joining Got Back Up. How?

Simply guide your GDI referrals on how to increase their daily income levels so they are able to earn $20 per month instead of $10. This is achieved by joining Faucet Wave and Ads by UAP if not already joined. Gaining a few referrals for these sites will cover the cost of Got Back Up. How do they get referrals for these sites? They start people off with Team Build Machine and explain the daily earning plan pays for all team build fees…..

When your referrals have joined Got Back Up the next step is to join Great Life.

Again you just need to guide your referrals on how to increase income levels. This time it is achieved by upgrading on UAP and Faucet Wave.

Keep the pathway always clear in your mind.

Build ONE team who follows you forward. Not 3 or 5 or 10 different teams…..


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  1. Thanks for the advice this makes a lot of sense to follow up with our people and be an assistant to them not a challenge we want to share our knowledge to help others succeed.

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