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Our goal for Global Domains International is to help each team member to gain 5 referrals each. With a 5 level downline system this equates to monthly income of $3905.

Is Our Team Build Working? Check Progress Below:

This team build of course starts with me…..and my username is trulyquirkymeteam. My upline is the team leader of “Action Team”.

I added 10 people to my Level 1 before I realised it is better to work on a 5 referral plan.

My 10 Level 1 Members:

I initally used a referral rotator system to help build my team, then I swapped over to the plan of providing 5 referrals for each person.

Level 1 Member = EarnCashWithCol

Level 1 Member = EduanBurger

Level 1 Member = Ezy2Earn

Level 1 Member = FacebookMarketingMagic

Level 1 Member = FollowThePlan

Level 1 Member = Joseph C

Level 1 Member = RamblingsofaBird

Level 1 Member = RosaMariaMr1962

Level 1 Member = Sfi90Days

Level 1 Member = SimpleStepsToSuccess

On checking this today (17th Feb) I can see 2 team members who are short of 1 referral….. so I will aim to resolve this ASAP.

Click Here To View Level 2 Progress


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