Automated Team Build Training

As I am sure you know already, being able to build a team for online programs is what divides the online world into those earning and little, and those earning a lot.

Team building is the number 1 barrier to long term success online for most people. The main reason for this is because people do not understand that team building is a process with a series of steps involved. When you understand the steps THEN you can create a very effective and fully automated system that allows you to continually gain referrals. This can be done for any business you want to build.

The Steps Involved In Team Building

The first step is to decide on a program or group of programs that you want to work on building. Obviously with One Team, One Goal this step has been taken care of for you.

So you can make automated team building work for you effectively, you need to know that each site in our team build system was chosen for a reason. That reason relates to a specific step of the team building process.

The first sites in our plan are free programs. These relate to the building trust part of the team building process. If people do not already know, like and trust you, they are very likely going to be hesitant to join a program where they have to pay to get started. Especially if those people have been involved with team builds before where they did not earn anything, and paid, and paid, and paid while waiting for results. This is why it is so important that our members join the free sites even if they do not need to earn the funds first themselves.

Each of the sites in our plan are also linked together, so by promoting the free sites you are actually preparing people to move forward into each of the paid programs as well. This means you should focus your attention on promoting the free sites and then lead people forward into the other sites. You DO NOT need to try and promote each site in our plan individually. This also means that you should not skip over joining a site in the plan as this will cause a break in the system.

Now you know that you should focus on promoting the free sites FIRST we can start to set up a fully automated system for doing this. The most effective method for this is writing some blog posts which include some guidance on using the sites AND show your results. Of course you will be using your GDI account for this purpose.

The first blog post you write for the automated team building system should be about Team Build Machine as this is designed as a main hub for new members.

How To Write Your Blog Post for Team Build Machine


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