About The GDI Learning Bonus $25 Payment

GDI provides new account holders with the chance to earn a $25 Learning Bonus within the first 8 weeks of membership. As you can see below I qualified for the Learning Bonus and was paid $25.

I will explain how to complete each part of the bonus in this blog post.

To complete this bonus and qualify for the payment you need to complete a few simple set up steps AND gain 1 paid direct referral. The direct referral part is where most people struggle, but we have made it a lot easier for you to achieve.

To get the direct referral you should follow the Team Build Training guidance. This will teach you how to get your first referral quickly and easily.

The Learning Bonus Task List

For the set up tasks in the Learning Bonus you should complete the following steps:

The first item on the list is trial conversion. This will automatically tick when you have made your first $10 payment. You have a 7 day free trial so you should simply make sure the payment can be collected ok for this step.

Next create the GDI email. Click on the link on the Learning Bonus form to go to your mailbox set up page. You can add up to 50 mailboxes on your account. To complete the learning bonus step you need to create one with the prefix gdi.

Simply type gdi in the box as shown below, and add a password of your choice. Complete the confirmation information and click on create Mailbox.

When you have done this you just need to log in to your mailbox and open the welcome message. This ticks off the second requirement task on the list.

Next is the GDI inviter task. Again just click on the link in the learning bonus form and it will take you straight to the form.

If you have been building an email list already you could use 10 addresses from there, but be careful – you don’t want to get a spam report, so I suggest you ask permission first before doing this. If you have no email addresses available yet I recommend you add a post to our Facebook group and ask for 10 email addresses to complete your learning bonus for GDI. You will get plenty of volunteers!

Add 10 email addresses and click the send invites button under the form.

Next on the task list is the referral conversion option. Use our team build training to help with this step.

Next on the list is create your website. I recommend you use the wordpress option for this to create a blog. It is very simple to do.

Click on wordpress and then click the button to turn on this plugin:

Wait for the email confirmation to say it is ready, then log in to your wordpress account. This step will then be completed.

Next on the list is set up your preferred commission method. Again just click through the link on the form. Choose the option that suits you and save the details.

You can choose from Paypal, Bank Wire (which can be using a Wise account) or mailed check.

The last step is complete your learning bonus period in good standing. This just means your account is paid up to date.

Note that you have 8 weeks to complete the learning bonus so you will need to make 2 monthly payments for this step to be ticked off.

When each step is ticked off you will have the $25 bonus added to your account automatically.


5 responses to “About The GDI Learning Bonus $25 Payment”

  1. Johnson Ugochukwu Daniel avatar
    Johnson Ugochukwu Daniel

    Beautiful! Thanks for this step by step guide. It will make it a lot easier for the non tech savvy! 😎

  2. Thank you for this good explenation of this gdi steps i have been asking for help from many people to set up my account with GDI and connected with wordpress but none happened, its clear for me now the thanks goes for you.
    the fact is i am sorry but to set up websites is still hard for me but i hope not any more.

  3. Thanks Ellie, this will be very helpful for us . 🙂

  4. Nadine De Kerpel avatar
    Nadine De Kerpel

    Thank you very much Ellie, really very helpful. I did not understand that a first GDI email address was needed. I had created another one :-D.
    How lucky to have you for the good advice and explanations.
    The most difficult are the 10 email addresses

    1. I am glad you found it helpful Nadine 🙂 Post in the group to ask for email addresses….. you will get them in a hour or 2!

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