About One Team, One Goal

One Team, One Goal is a community of people who have come together with the aim of helping all of our members to succeed online. We began working on this goal on 1st January 2024. By 20th January we had over 2000 people interested in taking part.

The main vision we have is to join together as a single team with each person doing a small amount of work to benefit everyone as a whole. Our members come from a diverse variety of backgrounds – different countries, different experience levels and different financial situations.

Our ethos is to work with EVERYONE, regardless of where they live, or what they have or do not have.

Experience and funds are not required as we can and will provide guidance about every aspect of working online, including how to start for free. No-one is left without support or guidance to move forward and achieve individual earning goals.

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18 responses to “About One Team, One Goal”

  1. Raju mahtani avatar
    Raju mahtani

    I have joined your team and working energetically .Towards progressing in the programs. Please help me get new referrals.

  2. You are welcome to Post Ad About our team in my Classifieds Website, I will Make it Premium so lot of people from all over world can see about out team.

  3. Salute Coach Ellie for your superb work

  4. Joseph Cheek avatar
    Joseph Cheek

    Very nice, Ellie, I am enjoying your training and greatly appreciate your support in this endeavor.

  5. I am following you since last three years and I have lots of your emails.Itry to reach every thing ask to do .
    Thanks giving support

  6. Eduan Burger avatar
    Eduan Burger

    Great stuff, Ellie! This system works for everyone 🙂

  7. Kim Fowler avatar
    Kim Fowler

    Working hard on this trying to keep up.

  8. I am a member of your team .I am enthusiastic about One Team, One Goal because it is a great system helping a lot of people succeed

  9. I have joined your team and most of your sites

    You are truly a successful coach

    Please help me succeed and move forward

  10. I have been following you on your other blogs so I know that if everybody just follows your guidance and that of the team, they will definitely have a better future You have my vote.

  11. Hi Ellie

    I tried to load the Facebook page to hungry for hits but it got suspended
    any ideas why?

    Another question I have got about$40 in satoshi on a bitcoin site. what is the best way to convert this to $ in PayPal?


    1. Yeah you can’t add the Facebook link direct on traffic sites as it is either blocked or removed. You need to use the team page link instead which is https://llpgpro.com/oneteamonegoal/

      I can change your crypto into Paypal funds for you if you want – pop me a support request on Team Build Machine and I will provide the details.

  12. Like minded people and helpful community helping each other.

  13. I am a Member of Team Build Machine and a Member of the Group. All I can say is if you follow the Plan you will make Money.

  14. radjindrepersad rangoe avatar
    radjindrepersad rangoe

    I joined this site and i like the page. The coach is very helpfunctie and so are the members also.

  15. I have joined your team and most of your sites.

  16. Antonio Anacleto Serra avatar
    Antonio Anacleto Serra

    My Honor and Sincere Thank You to Angie and Ellie and All.
    I really LOVE TBM and now I have joined Our TBM Team Build Machine and most of Our TBM’s sites and God Bless All of Us!

  17. Antonio Anacleto Serra avatar
    Antonio Anacleto Serra

    Now I have joined Your TBM Team Build Machine and most of Your TBM’s sites, follow the plan and God Bless All of Us!

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